Friday 11/21/2014

Hello Nadine,

I hope you are doing well. I had the immense pleasure of having Nancy as a sitter for my 4 year old boy from Nov. 5-Nov.7.

I just wanted to thank you for recommending her to me. She is truly wonderful and in spite of the language barrier (my son doesn’t speak english very well) they both got along beautifully. He still asks me about her. She was attentive, sweet, caring and honestly went above and beyond to ensure my son had a good time while I was at work. You have a true gem with her and I will be asking for her when I return to Orlando next year.

I would also like to thank you and Courtney for being so helpful and acommodating. I will recommend your service to all my friends who travel to Orlando.


Andrea Hasbun

Dear Nadine Monico


Thanks a lot for your best service.

During the Avatar Wizard course, Jamie Aguilar babysitted my two children.

she was so kind and supportive that I could fully concentrate on my course.

I really appreciate it.



Song Yuseol

Fri 2/21/2014 4:16 PM


Dear Nadine!

Thank you so much for a SUPER service! This was our first time with your team, and it was 10 times better than I imagined! Ms. Stella is a delight – she is such a caring, warm hearten person, my daughter just loved her!

Thank you for all the help, and for providing such a great service. Knowing that my daughter is in good hands, and that she is having a GREAT time, made it so easy to just focus on the students!

Best Regards,


Thank you simply does not fully express my appreciation for Super Sitters being a part of our 38th National Assembly. It was gracious of you to devote your time and talents to providing support for our Heir-O-Links. The support you have shown our organization is humbling and I am grateful. All members in attendance would concur that this year’s assembly is beyond compare. Your contributions only heightened its greatness/

I cannot say thank you enough for the kindness shown to The Links, Inc. Please know how much this meant to us.


Eris T. Sims
Executive Director
The Links Incorporated

Thanxs for doing business. My compliments for your professional sitters, especially Laura. The children had an amazing time with her and loved being around her. Your company made it possible for us to attend the course without any worries.

With compliments and regards,

Joost van den Heuvel

Hi Nadine!

We are finally back home as we have had another week in Melbourne for the Spring Racing Carnival which was great fun but I am glad to be back!

Thank you so much once again for your super service! Nancy was as per usual fantastic!! Jake had a fabulous time and as I discussed with Nancy I think he now needs to be part of a group of kids so our next trip over we will request Nancy again and will be ok with her looking after other children as well.

We are hoping to be at Wizards 2012 so will let you know!

Many thanks

Simone Disborough

Hola Jacqui muchas gracias por todas tus atenciones, Cathi es muy amable y el servicio fue bueno, falto comunicación pero en general fue un servicio bueno.
Espero poder regresar cuando mi bebé este mas grande y nos puedan apoyar nuevamente.
Saludos cordiales.

Yolanda was terrific, on time and our daughter enjoyed her very much.

We visit the area 2-3 times a year and this is the first time we’ve used a sitter service. We were very pleased with Yolanda and your systems and appreciate you being able to accommodate us so last minute. Thank you again.



 Dear Nadine,

A dear friend of mine attended the course and brought her 3 year old son. Jamie was amazing!!! Not only was she fantastic with the child she showed my friend tremendous compassion as she worked through some lifelong issues.

Thank you for your wonderful service to allow parents the opportunity to create an EPC for their children.

Much love,
Jackie Hyland


To Nancy,

Thank you for your kindness!! At first I was afraid of Sumtre. But your kindness helped me a lot.
Thank you very much!! I hope you take care of Sumtre again.

From Ryoko Nishi
with Sumtre

I just wanted to drop you all a quick note to let you all know at Super Sitters how happy we were with how all the last minute babysitting went. Please tell Audrey that Tate has asked about her several times! He really enjoyed his time with her.
Christine Baldwin

Monica was wonderful!!! Thank you!!!

Hi Nadine,

I wanted to send you an email regarding Nancy Stanaback .On the flight home I thought a lot about what I could say that would convey how wonderful Nancy was and is.

I have had many different babysitters over the past 13 years and Nancy is one of my favorites. She had a lot of competition as my own mother watched over my first child, I had an Amish babysitter for a few years that was wonderful… but in the few days she watched over Beckham, she won over my heart and Beckham’s.

I was so worried about making this trip. I was so worried who would take care of Beckham and worried he would be in “average” hands. I went into this business trip with anxiety, apprehension, guilt and sadness. Once meeting Nancy , I was relieved, at ease, happy and confident he was in good hands. As the days passed, I wished Nancy lived in Chicago ! On the day we left, I cried when she left the room. My husband laughed and thought how ironic it was that I was so sorry to go on the trip and at the end, sorry it was over.

Please know that she was excellent with taking care of our baby, kept him busy, fed him so well, he took the best naps and at night was a near perfect child… she kept copious notes and made me so very comfortable when I came and went from the room every three hours to feed him. I felt comfortable to feed him in front of her…

Because she made things so easy, we are now considering bringing all the children to Orlando this summer for vacation. They wanted to go to Disney, but I was worried about what I would do with Beckham. Now I know we can enjoy a family vacation and not feel like we would be leaving Beckham out.

I told Nancy that you that you should create a “facebook” page for Nancy that is linked to your page. This would allow people like myself to become “fans” of Nancy and you could always send prospects to her page for testimonials… as well as my friends and family could see that I am a fan of Nancy (via Supersitters).

Thank you again and I hope to see Nancy soon!

Megan Brown


Hi Super-Sitters,

I just wanted to say thank you to Heidi for watching our 2 year old twins this past Friday evening. Heidi came so prepared. I did not know what to expect considering I have never left my children with anyone before except for family. Heidi came early to go over things like, what they ate, liked to do, she even interacted with my other children. I left that evening feeling like I just left them with a family member. We will be back next year in Florida and I pray Heidi is still with the company because I would love for her to watch our children again!

Thank you Heidi and Super-Sitters,

Jeff and Lori Wallace (parents of Joel and Helena)

Rita was great! The kids really had a fun time with her and talked about how nice she was. I would definitely request her again if I were in the area!


Andrea Klein-Pieterick
Ops Readiness Manager

Hi Nadine,

thank you for your great service- Adrianna was a lovely lady and James had a marvelous time with her- she adapted to his needs perfectly.




Hi Nadine,

Well we have only one half day of AVATAR left tomorrow and then we will fly back to Melbourne! The course has been amazing as I am sure you will know!

We must say that Nancy has been absolutely fantastic! She has completely exceeded our expectations in every regard – I don’t know where to start! Every time we see Jake you can just tell he has had a wonderful day as Nancy has given so much genuine care and attention. We never once worried about Jake as we knew he was in good hands. Nancy has really gone out of her way to make sure he has a fun time while we are not there and he just loves her! (I am sure there will be tears tomorrow!!) She is a fantastic sitter but also a great person with a very, very kind heart – we are very lucky to have her. (We have decided to come back to do Wizards in January and I would like to book her in for then please!!)


Kind regards
Simone & Jason & Jake


I just wanted to let you know how pleased and satisfied we were with the Super Sitters service we used while in Orlando this March, 2005.

Our little 20-month-old grandson — who is more like a son to me since
I’ve been raising him since birth — always cries when I leave for a while. I was very concerned about leaving him for a full day, in a strange-to-him resort room.

I arranged for one of your sitters and I was very impressed. She came in, greeting little Brian right away. She showed me her credentials, even offering to show me more than I asked for. She also checked each room, asking if she could close and lock all windows and draw the bedroom curtain where he would be napping, so she would feel more secure.

Then she played with Brian for a while and he really warmed up to her.
She had brought in a big tote of toys for him to play with which was great since while traveling we couldn’t bring very many along. By the time we left he was having fun with her.

When I told him goodbye, he did start to cry a little and wanted me to
hold him. I left a couple minutes later and he was still crying, but when I called just 5 minutes later he had quit crying and was having fun again. (Sometimes in the past he had cried for over an hour or even more.)

We were all so relieved that we were able to relax and enjoy our day at
Discovery Cove. When we arriverd back, he was happy to see us, but didn’t want the sitter to leave either. He insisted on watching and waving goodbye until she drove away.

Thank you very much for the excellent service!

Debbie Knudslien
Ham Lake, Minnesota



I just wanted to let you know that I truly enjoyed getting to know Rikki as my sitter for Tanner, my teenage son. Rikki was competent, in charge and knew how to win over my son well. Her charm and confidence keeps him talking about her, even a month after our return!

In August, I had to be in Orlando for business, meeting on a Disney property. Disney had no ideas for me on how to monitor my 14 year old son during my meetings. I contacted you and you offered Rikki to us. Rikki spent several days with my son, taking him to every park on the Disney property. She proved to be skilled and creative and she had a calm, determined approach to crisis. Unfortunately, my son decided it would be more fun for him if he could “ditch” Rikki at various parks, seeing if she could find him. Thankfully, Rikki knew it was a game and used great techniques to find my son. Rikki always kept me informed and asked my input when needed. She was a joy to work with and a true professional.

I know my situation may have been less ordinary than most; some 14 year olds can manage themselves; but my son, being a bit immature and too adventurous, needed a “pal” at the parks. Rikki fulfilled that need well, making sure she won over my son as a friend, not a babysitter. I applaud her skill at adapting herself to the situation; and her ability to work with my son on some of the hottest days of the year; for long days and tedious evenings. Thank you very much! I would hire her again in a minute….and may next time I am in town! Thank you very much for an awesome service.

Teri and Tanner Burley
Placentia, CA